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Here are some short descriptions of our services

Teamspeak 3 server

The Teamspeak 3 server is the heart of our community. Here you can you talk with friends, play games or get technical help.

Insurgency server

Our Insurgency Community is one of our biggest communitys and is ready every time to play a game on one of our servers.

Counter-Strike: Source server

You can play surf on our 128 Ticks CSS server. We have very much custom maps and some self programmed features to give you the best experience.

Natural Selection 2 Server

We are working on an Natural Selection 2 server to bring the game back to life. The server should be great, for both, beginners and advanched players.

Status of our services

Here you can see the maintenance status of our servers
Thank you for your interest!

Finished projects: Teamspeak 3 Server, Insurgency coop checkpoint server, Counter-Strike: Source surf server

  • Insurgency coop checkpoint

    The server is online and is getting maintained. Special features are enabled and are working correctly.

  • Insurgency PVP Firefight

    The server is online and is running without mistakes. The special modifications are missing.

  • Counter-Strike: Source surf

    The server is running and works very good. The special modifications are working correct and FastDL is avaiable.

  • Teamspeak 3 Server

    The server is online and getting supervised. Every feature is working correct.

The team

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Moritz Bäcker

Owner & Project leader
Hi, im 16 years old and still going to school. I am organizing the project and help in every part. Im mainaning the website and the insurgency server. If you want to talk to me, im often on the Teamspeak 3 server.
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Justin Brinkers

Owner & Community
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Keanu Klenner

Owner & Teamspeak 3 server
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Duncan Wielk

Owner & System
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Luca Schütte

Owner & Paymaster
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Lars Vomberg

Owner & Social media

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You can use Teamspeak 3, too